The cryptocurrency industry, in general, is maturing at a quick pace all throughout the past couple of years.

And while many consider it to still be the “wild wild west” of the FinTech world, new projects come to life that battles the notion and aim to institute its core values such as immutability, democratization, accessibility, transparency, security, and more.

We’ve seen this in a number of segments throughout the cryptocurrency industry, one of which includes fundraising. From obscure and borderline illegal practices a few years back, the field has now seen an influx of projects that aim to provide accountability and transparency while also retaining and even streamlining democratization to expand accessibility.

AngelBlock is a project that opposes the traditional fundraising model that involves hectic VC practices.

“Traditional fundraising is clunky, inefficient, and many traditional VCs simply “don’t get” crypto at this stage. Lack of understanding of crypto by VCs leads to a misshapen topography of the crypto landscape. If you only invest in things that have worked in the past, you won’t play a part in creating the future.” – reads the project’s whitepaper.

What is AngelBlock?

AngelBlock is a platform that’s built-in hopes of bringing together vetted and noteworthy startups from the crypto and FinTech worlds with capable investors. The team aims to allow for a frictionless provision of support and financing for new ventures in the field and focuses on early-stage investments, forming networks that are intended to be mutually beneficial for all the parties involved.

The platform itself is designed in a way that caters to two predominant types of users:

  • Startups who look to raise funds and develop their ideas.
  • Investors who are willing to spend money and time on innovative initiatives.

The platform hosts a number of features for both types, and the team behind it understands that there will be users who also fall within both categories. Therefore, they are in a constant process of working to optimize the functionalities and deliver the most value to their users.

It’s worth noting that AngelBlock isn’t positioned as a crowdfunding platform and doesn’t intend to do so. The platform is used by investors after securing raises.

On the other hand, for startups, AngelBlock aims to provide:

  • Knowledgeable investors
  • Support, and much more.

Personalized DeFi Tools

AngelBlock has another major goal – to set a compliant industry standard for token-based raises in the future that’s also agnostic in terms of geography, safe, and more transparent than what’s currently on the table.

The protocol allows both projects and founders to access on-chain vesting, cap table management, as well as tools to help with the token distribution that are designed to make the processes regarding investor management a lot more effective and efficient.

Additional goals include, but are not limited to:

  • MiCA implementation
  • Implementing milestone-based voting by investors after the raise
  • Decentralization of the protocol, and others.

We build DeFi tools for Web3 founders. We enable protocol-based fundraising, on-chain vesting, and token distribution: an environment for investors, startups, and the community to congregate for a more fair and transparent experience. – AngelBlock stated.

Community Phase Sale and Startup Grant Program Winners

In addition, the team announced the ongoing early access to a native token called THOL for community members. It started on November 16th and will be held until today, November 30th.

The team has also announced the three winning startups in the AngelBlock Startup Grant Program, who will receive $30K in USDT in addition to being listed on the platform for additional fundraising. These projects are:

  • Challenger Project
  • Data Lake
  • Impact Finance

Users can find out more on the official website.